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Holy Trinity Yeovil

Holy Trinity Church Yeovil websiteHoly Trinity Church, Yeovil required a website to keep their parishoners up to date with events, and to support to activities of the church as a community centre.

The design of the site reflects the main window in the modern church building, with the blue and green colouring being taken from the predominant colours of the glass.

As the site had to updated frequently, the events, whats on and links pages are all database driven, with an admin system allowing the site owners to add, change and remove items via a simple web page interface.

The page was designed in such a way as to be search engine frinedly, which allowed the site to be listed highly on google.com when searching for church yeovil.

In keeping with the community nature of the site, it is built entirely in CSS and passes the standard accessibility tests for non-visual browsers.