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Getting your point across...

Why are many web sites ineffective?

Many companies invest in a web site only to find that it has little effect on their business. Why is this?

Page too slow

How often have you had to sit and wait while a web site loads?
If a page is large and loads slowly, many potential customers will go elsewhere. It is easy in this age of widespread broadband to forget that some people still use dial-up access.

Page too complicated

If a page layout is complicated, it can be difficult for a customer to find what they are looking for. Menus must be simple and intuitive and customers should be able to find what they want with the minimum of searching.

Page out of date

It does not inspire confidence if, when a customer goes to the news section of a site, the last article is six months old! The cost and difficulty of regularly updating often puts off the owners from regularly updating their site.

Page does not load correctly

With the wide range of platforms and browsers now in use, many sites will not work for all potential customers. Forcing customers to use a particular browser and plug-ins can cause many to go elsewhere.

Page not accesible to everyone

Many customers with visual impairment and other disabilities now use the web. A large proportion if sites are unsuitable for accessing with non-visual browsers. This can shut out a large number of potential customers

At Rapier Media we aim to create web sites that avoid all these problems, giving the customer an easy, problem free browsing experience, making the site more valuable for both the customer and the owner.

What Rapier Media Offers

Web sites

We can design you a web site that is effective, accesible, usable and updatable by you, the owner.

Our designs are intended to be easy to navigate, quick to load and usable by all potential customers, whatever browser technology they are using.

We can incorporate sections, such as news and contact details that can be updated by the owner via a simple, secure web interface meaning the owner does not need any knowledge of HTML or other web technologies.


We can design CD-ROM/DVD presentations for exhibitions, displays or to supply to customers.

These can incorporate video, images and interactive sections to enhance user experience and improve the presentation's effectiveness.

Above all we can offer these services at a reasonable price.